We sell what we build, we have building these unit for 12 years.

Warranty & Returns

Warranty is 1 year for electronic components and 10 years for the tank.  You have seen other brands on E-BAY, now try the BEST, not satisfy, I will reimburse what your total is minus shipping within 10 days of receiving the SUPREME unit. 

Check my feedback or write if you need additional information at supremetankless@yahoo.com. All components are made in USA, we are proud to say MADE IN AMERICA, that's why we show the inside of the unit, not like others with a seal and if broken the warranty is voided.  We have all the parts for the E-220, I-220, S-220 and G-220 available now, email us, thanks.

E-MAIL us for availability on some parts for older SUPER SUPREME models. PLEASE EMAIL ME AT SUPREMETANKLESS@YAHOO.COM, The Supreme Line of tankless water heaters are manufactured in the USA,  phone number (305) 691 - 1111.

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